Riveted Metal Edged Plywood Cases

We design and manufacture riveted metal edged plywood cases to meet a wide variety of applications including large individual parts or multiple components. These would typically be used within the Automotive, Engineering, Telecommunications and Aerospace industries.



We would offer bespoke solutions to meet specific requirements of each customer. The key benefits of riveted metal edged plywood cases are as follows:

  • Custom-made design
  • Delivered in flatpack form for easy storage or supplied assembled if required
  • Flatpack cases are quick and easy to assemble
  • Cost-effective for large or small quantity requirements
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Reduced external cube to minimise transportation costs
  • Can be designed for multi-trip applications
  • Stackable in transit and storage
  • Integral 2 or 4 way entry pallet bases available on any design
  • Printing available on request
  • Variety of specifications and styles available
  • Suitable and secure for global shipments
  • All materials used are heat treated to meet current ISPM15 shipping regulations

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