Specialised Pallets

Shock Pallets

Shock pallets would usually be used for the shipping of fragile electrical equipment. The design of the products can include a full range of shock absorbing materials to reduce the effects of impact during transportation and storage.

This range of pallets could typically include:

  • A wide variety of foam materials for absorbing shock
  • Anchorage points to secure the unit to the pallet
  • A ramp to move the unit from the pallet without the need for a forklift
  • The design can include a case to further protect the equipment

Engine Pallets

Engine pallets are, as the name implies, designed for the packing of engines in their various forms. They can be utilised for exporting and storage of single or multiple engines and can be further protected by the use of our wide range of cases and crates.

Engine pallets can be designed with anchorage points to secure the engine in place and, with the use of an external case or crate, the units can be made stackable to fully utilise the available space for transportation and container shipments.


Bespoke Pallets

All of the pallets we manufacture are bespoke in their dimensions and are used for an extremely wide variety of applications.

The required specifications for bespoke pallets could include:

  • Multi-use Slave pallets for high bay warehouse facilities including bar code labels for placement
  • Perimeter deck battens and fittings for attaching cases or cartons to complete the packing
  • Anchorage points provided by the use of CNC machining
  • End supports with ‘U’ or ‘V’ shaped supports for transporting of reels

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